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Is Your Estate Plan Ready For Retirement?

Are you nearing retirement? Estate planning in preparation for retirement can help you make important decisions, force you to evaluate your current situation, protect you in the future and make estate administration easier for your family.

At Postic & Bates in Oklahoma City, we help you create or update an estate plan that allows you to live out your golden years without worrying if you are protected for the "what ifs" in life.

Our attorneys can help you confidently answer questions such as:

  • When do I need to start planning for retirement?
  • Is my current plan up to date?
  • Should I consider restructuring assets?
  • When should I make changes to my estate plan?
  • Will I have enough money to pay for assisted living?
  • Will I have enough money to pay for necessary or emergency medical treatment?
  • What if my living will doesn't cover a medical situation?
  • Who has the final say in my medical treatment?
  • Does my plan provide enough money if I live longer than expected?
  • How do Medicaid and Medicare affect my plan? How does my plan affect them?
  • Will my spouse have enough money if he or she becomes incapacitated?
  • What if something happens to my spouse?
  • Should I give my adult children joint ownership of bank accounts?
  • Do proceeds from my retirement accounts pass to my spouse outside of probate?
  • How quickly can my spouse or children get access to my funds if they need to help?
  • Should I give money or property away as gifts to my children?
  • Can I do anything to help avoid will contests and disputes?
  • Should I put my property in a trust?
  • Does it matter which type of property I put in a trust?
  • What are the tax consequences?
  • What is the best way to minimize tax consequences?
  • Is my estate large enough to be taxable?
  • What is the best way to pay estate taxes?

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