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Young Family Estate Plans

Maybe you got married recently. Maybe you had your first child. Maybe you already have three little ones filling your house with joy. Whatever your family situation, estate planning might seem like a "to-do" item you don't need at the moment ... or don't want to talk about. An estate planning lawyer for young families can often make the process easier than you expect.

At Postic & Bates in Oklahoma City, our estate planning attorneys do more than prepare for the "what ifs" but also put in place protections for your family. We help you create a plan that fits your current needs and budget and grows right along with your family as you take on new challenges together.

How Can Estate Planning Help Now?

When we have a conversation about estate planning for young families like yours, we probe deeper than who should be a guardian for minor children. We ask you, "How do you want to help your children in the future?" You can give them the tools they need to succeed personally and professionally. Isn't that what parenting is all about after all?

The right blend of estate planning tools and terms can help you, both now and in the event something should happen:

  • Provide for your family: The primary goal is to ensure that your spouse and your children have the financial support they need. We can help you determine a plan that helps you grow your wealth, minimize tax consequences and make funds available when needed.
  • Encourage action: You can put restrictions on the use of assets to encourage children to take action such as obtaining higher education. The choices you make now can help ensure that they have the funds they need to attain their goals. You can also set terms that require certain action before they can use their share of your estate.
  • Protect them, even from themselves: As with encouraging action, restrictions and requirements can help protect children by limiting how assets can be used. You can also structure your estate to help provide protection, like creating a trust for a special needs child that will not interfere with their eligibility for benefits, or retaining control to protect a beneficiary from their own creditors, including their spouse.
  • Limit outright distributions: You probably don't hand your children an entire bag of candy! You let them have two pieces a day or one after finishing their vegetables. You can do the same with your estate. You don't have to give them a lump sum of cash in a will. You could structure distributions over time, give gifts during life or put money into assets such as life insurance.
  • Give them legal authority when necessary: Do you serve overseas? Military families face personal and administrative challenges civilians often do not. We can help ensure that your children have the funds they need and legal access to them in a plan that can be tailored based on their age and maturity.

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