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Guidance Through The Probate Process

Dealing with the loss of a family member or loved one can cause anxiety and stress that affects relationships. But probate doesn't have to be as scary as you might think.

It is simply the process of the court transferring the assets from the name of the decedent to the name of that decedent's intended beneficiaries if there is a will, or to your heirs at law if there is no will. The person responsible for handling the probate process is called an executor, administrator or personal representative.

At Postic & Bates, our probate attorneys guide Oklahoma City families through this complicated process. You have probably never acted as an executor or administer. Doing so while still mourning the loss of a parent or another loved one can leave you feeling overwhelmed. We will do everything we can to make the process easier.

How Can We Help?

Our attorneys offer comprehensive representation if you have been named the executor of an estate. We can also represent you in the capacity of a beneficiary if you are concerned with the way an executor is managing or distributing the estate or if you are concerned about whether your interests are protected.

Our probate services include:

  • Taking an inventory of the assets
  • Handling creditor claims
  • Filing necessary estate tax returns
  • Assisting in the distribution of the net assets to beneficiaries
  • Monitoring the probate process for the benefit of heirs
  • Initiating will contests, if necessary, for heirs
  • Defending executors and beneficiaries in will contests

How Much Does Probate Cost?

An uncontested probate in Oklahoma typically costs from $4,000 to $6,000. If contested by beneficiaries or other parties, probate could become more expensive.

How Long Does It Take?

The probate process takes anywhere from four months to a year. But a will contest over the capacity of loved one to make an addendum or concern about estate administration could drag the process out much longer.

Probate is a public process that allows the public to see what assets a descendent had, and what each beneficiary received. Our lawyers can help you avoid the cost and time associated with the probate process by using a trust instead of a will.

Contact Us For Compassionate Probate Assistance

When you need assistance probating an estate, we can assist you. For more information, schedule a free initial consultation with one of our lawyers.

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