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September 2016 Archives

Are you having an issue with inheritance?

Depending on your circumstances and depending on the state you live in, your inheritance rights as a beneficiary may vary. This is a complicated area of estate planning -- not necessarily because of the laws in place, but because inheritance issues or challenges to an estate plan can be emotional legal endeavors for the people involved.

Power of attorney a helpful provision in estate plans

There is one inevitability in this life, and that is as we get older, we will degenerate and become unable to do the things that we once did. Eventually, we will die. It will happen to everyone. But before that day comes, we have the ability to plan and prepare for the later years of our lives -- and put together a "nest egg" for our family members so that they can live a better life too.

What is probate and how should I approach the process?

Probate is often talked about in scary terms. In reality, probate is simply the process of transferring assets and property from a deceased person to his or her relatives, loved ones, beneficiaries and other interested parties. For the most part, people usually have a will that dictates how many of the issues considered during the probate process are actually handled. But probate is the basic process of transferring these pieces of property and assets.

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