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Are you having an issue with inheritance?

Depending on your circumstances and depending on the state you live in, your inheritance rights as a beneficiary may vary. This is a complicated area of estate planning -- not necessarily because of the laws in place, but because inheritance issues or challenges to an estate plan can be emotional legal endeavors for the people involved.

We say this not to scare people from making a legitimate legal claim if they have been deprived assets or benefits from an estate plan, but to make it clear that these are often uncomfortable and dicey lawsuits. You need to be prepared for the reality, and you also need to be prepared for what the case will entail.

As an example for what type of situation we are talking about here: imagine a happily married couple that spends years and years together. When they sit down to put together their estate plans, they each make preparations that afford sizable assets to their spouse. But then some years later, their relationship becomes untenable and they divorce.

That divorce is a big deal, obviously. However, if the spouses don't update their estate plans after the divorce, they could risk creating a legal nightmare for their loved ones (and maybe even their new spouses). This is where a person's inheritance rights are crucial, and it's just one example.

Protect your inheritance rights by talking with an experienced estate plan and probate attorney. There are serious issues involved when it comes to inheritance, and you want to make sure that you go about the process appropriately.

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