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Decide on power of attorney designations now

There are a host of things that a person should do when they are getting their estate plan together. One aspect of this is long-term care planning, which includes getting a durable power of attorney document drawn up. We know that you might be concerned about exactly what this can do and how it will impact your ability to remain independent. We can help you to understand your options and what each option will mean for you.

There are two different types of durable powers of attorney that you can consider. One gives someone the ability to make financial decision for you. The other gives someone the ability to make health care decisions for you. We can help you to explore both types.

Think about what might happen if you become so ill that you can't make decisions on your own. Who would make decisions about what health care you will receive? Your durable power of attorney for health care could let medical professionals know where to turn for answers about what procedures you want done and what you will decline. Who will make sure that your bills are paid if you become that ill? Your durable power of attorney for financial decisions would do this.

It is important that you have someone you trust as your decision maker. The person doesn't have to be the same for both types of power of attorney. We can help you to learn more about each position entails so that you can decide who you would like to entrust with the responsibilities. From there, we can help you get the proper paperwork taken care of.

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