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December 2016 Archives

Should you set easy or challenging long-term care goals?

The new year is almost here, and that means many people are thinking about goals and making plans for 2017. If you are at a stage in your life when long-term care planning makes sense, the new year is a great time to consider those plans. Many people fail to see how goals and long-term care planning align.

Naming power of attorney agents may give you peace of mind

Having plans in place for a variety of situations often makes individuals feel more at ease. For this reason, many parties consider having an estate plan as a source of comfort. There are various aspects to such plans, and if you have not created a plan, you may wish to start with one area then progress until you feel comfortable with your plans.

Leaving your IRA to charity

If you'd like to leave a charitable legacy while also protecting your heirs from tax burdens, it's a good idea to carefully consider how you divvy assets up during estate planning. In some cases, you can leave an asset to charity without the charity having to pay taxes on it, but if you leave the same assets to heirs, taxes might be owed.

How much can you give this holiday without paying the gift tax?

Thinking of making someone's Christmas merry and bright by offering to cover some bills, gifting them with a large amount of cash or transferring ownership of stock or investment accounts? While it's good to help loved ones during the holidays or use their own wealth to surprise and delight someone else, you should be aware of possible gift tax concerns.

Understanding how to protect retirement assets

While many people aren't saving for retirement today, it's something that financial experts across the board recommend. A healthy savings in IRAs or other accounts can make a huge difference in the quality of life of your final years. If you are saving, then you'll probably want to protect those assets for both your own use and for your heirs.

The basics of probate

Often time's people are hesitant when thinking about estate planning. Some feel scared or unsure of how to go about the whole process. However, it is important to plan and to be prepared so your family is well taken care of after you pass on. There are many documents to think about drafting and many other things like taxes, court and probate to consider as well.

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