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Naming power of attorney agents may give you peace of mind

Having plans in place for a variety of situations often makes individuals feel more at ease. For this reason, many parties consider having an estate plan as a source of comfort. There are various aspects to such plans, and if you have not created a plan, you may wish to start with one area then progress until you feel comfortable with your plans.

An important first step for you may be to name a durable power of attorney agent. An agent can have a variety of responsibilities, and therefore, naming a trusted individual or multiple individuals is vital.

Healthcare agent

By naming a healthcare agent, you give your appointed individual the power to make certain health-related decisions in the event that you become unable to make those decisions yourself. Some of those decisions may include:

  • Starting or stopping medical treatment
  • Choosing doctors
  • Beginning or continuing life support

Because these decisions can weigh heavily on the mind of your agent, you may wish to discuss your desires with your prospective candidates in order to determine who is best suited for the position.

Financial agent

In addition to a healthcare agent, you could name an agent solely for financial decisions. This agent would allocate the use of your income and other funds. The person you designate for this role may undertake numerous responsibilities, including:

  • Paying bills
  • Gifting money
  • Handling banking transactions

If you would rather have one individual to handle all of your necessary decisions, a general power of attorney agent could suffice. This individual would make health-related, financial and other appropriate personal decisions.

Power of attorney document

When naming agents, power of attorney documents can ensure that your desires are clear. In addition to the names of your agents, your documents can dictate the specific powers you wish your agents to have. These documents can also ensure that your agent acts in accordance with your wishes. If an agent carries out actions that are not part of his or her duties, that agent could be held legally accountable.

If you are looking for peace of mind when it comes to end-of-life decisions, creating your estate plan may help you gain such peace. Because various branches of planning exist, you may have many questions regarding which documents may be right for your plans. Experienced Oklahoma attorneys will help you ease through the process and determine what specific documents suit your particular needs.

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