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From guardianship to adoption: Reasons to take the next step

If you are acting as the guardian for a minor child, you might want to consider taking the next step of formal adoption. There are all kinds of situations where guardianship and adoption wouldn't mix, and there are plenty of other situations where adoption could help protect both you and the child you care for. Our firm works with families on a variety of family law and estate planning matters, so we can help you understand all options and make an educated decision about adoption. Here are some reason you might take the next step.

Adoption lets you make a change to the child's name on numerous state and legal documents and provides you with some rights in correcting certain recorded information about the child in question. Adoption doesn't necessarily require a name change, though, which might be important if you want to preserve the child's heritage or family ties while also securing parental rights.

When you are caring for children that are citizens of another country, adoption can afford a number of benefits for those children as they get older. It makes citizenship paths easier and reduces some barriers should they want to get driver's licenses or enroll in certain schools. Adoption might be a consideration if you are fostering children from another country or if you have taken over guardianship of children after a foreign relative passed away.

Both adoption and guardianship laws can be complex, so it's sometimes difficult to know what the appropriate next steps are for your situation. Our firm works with you to understand the unique needs of your family and any minor children and to provide options and assistance so you can seek greater legal security in these relationships.

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