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Prince heirs file litigation against estate administrator

Prince's sister and half brother have filed litigation against the temporary administrator for the artist's estate. The company in question is Bremer Trust, and the court appointed it to administer the estate until heirship and other matters were fully adjudicated.

Among other things in the past year, Bremer Trust has dealt with rights and distribution questions, filed lawsuits in those matters and worked on ensuring Prince's creative catalog continued to be put to use. To handle a lot of these matters, Bremer relied on experts from the industry that it appointed to certain tasks.

One task being at least partially handled by industry experts was a tribute concert that was held in 2016. The two potential heirs are claiming that the experts mishandled the concert, which ended up being a much smaller event than originally planned -- even though almost 100 artists ended up performing for a total of five hours.

The heirs allege that one of the experts withheld or did not fully transfer concert-related payments to the estate, as was previously agreed. Contracts regarding the amount that was to be paid are confidential and even copies provided to the estate were reportedly redacted.

One of the experts called the allegations false and damaging. The matter is still with the court. The heirs are reportedly seeking at least $7 million in damages related to their lawsuit.

While the majority of estates in the country don't usually include $7 million in assets, it's not uncommon for family members to file lawsuits or probate litigation related to an estate. If you're dealing with an estate and facing probate litigation, working with experienced lawyers can help you navigate the court system and maximize the potential for positive outcomes.

Source: Billboard, "Prince Heirs Accuse Estate Advisers of Mismanaging Tribute Concert," Keith Harris, Jan. 26, 2017

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