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Think of your estate plan as a plan for your family's future

In all of our posts, we discuss various aspects of the estate planning process. We know that some people think that getting the plan together is a difficult process. These people don't realize that we are here to make the process as painless as possible.

We know that thinking of your death isn't something that you want to think about. The good news is that you don't have to address that point when you create your estate plan. Instead, you can focus on how you can protect the family members who are included in your estate plan.

Your estate plan starts with your will. This document outlines what you want to happen to your assets. This doesn't mean only the big things like real estate or vehicles. Instead, you should also include items that your loved ones might have disputes about. For example, the stained glass butterfly that everyone has staked claim to could be included in the will.

Some people who are creating an estate plan need to put assets in trusts. While this isn't always necessary, there are some very specific benefits to using trusts. It is imperative that you explore this possibility so that you know if trusts can help your estate plan.

Other aspects of your estate plan, including powers of attorney, can help you in your final days. Thinking about how these documents can help you and make it easier for your family members to make decisions based on what you want.

Estate planning is something that should be painless. We are here to help you find ways to make your wishes known and legally enforceable.

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