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Ask your parents for this serious information now

Thinking about losing your parents isn't an easy thing to think about. When you know the time is coming, there are specific questions that you need to ask your aging parent. Knowing the answers to these questions might help you to make decisions later.

As you are discussing these things with your parent, remember that your parent is still an adult. No matter what his or her mental state, they must still be respected as an adult.

Find out if there is an estate plan in place

You need to know where to find documents related to the estate plan so that you can grab them when you need them. This is also good time to make sure that your parents have all their affairs in order. If you need anything clarified, now is the time to get those clarifications.

Ask about life insurance policies and financial accounts

The last thing you probably want to do when you are facing your parent's death is having to dig through a bunch of stuff in an effort to find a life insurance policy or other financial documents. Find out where your parents keep these so that you know right where to look when you need them.

Learn where you parents keep log in information

With the way that everything is going online and digital, log-in information is vital. Ask your parents to write this information down and let you know where it is located so that you can make sure you handle their digital assets and other online accounts once they pass away.

The better prepared you are for the inevitable, the better you will feel when you actually use the information you've gathered.

Source: FindLaw, "Top 7 End-of-Life Questions to Ask Aging Parents," George Khoury, Esq., accessed April 28, 2017

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