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May 2017 Archives

Estate planning is vital throughout your entire adulthood

When it is time for you to create an estate plan, you need to make sure that the foundation of your plan is solid so that everything can stand firm when the time comes. One thing that you need to know is that every adult can benefit from an estate plan. Estate planning isn't something that only retirees need.

3 ways to ensure fairness in your estate plan

As a parent, you undoubtedly want your children to have successful lives. In some cases, you may find yourself wanting to give them some assistance with this endeavor when it comes to finances. Most commonly, parents want to ensure that their kids continue to thrive after their parents' deaths, and as a result, many individuals utilize their estate plans to leave their children inheritances that can help with financial and sentimental aspects of their lives.

Know how trusts can impact your estate plan

Your estate plan can help your family members to close out your estate faster than what is possible without an estate plan. It is imperative that you have everything together so that your loved ones are able to abide by your wishes once you are gone. We know this might not be fun to think about, but it won't be as painful as you may think.

Know when to use a blind trust

When President Donald Trump took office, many people were up in arms about his business dealings. Presidents before him have taken steps to move away from handling the daily operations of the businesses they owned, but it seemed as though President Trump might have bucked that tradition. Ultimately, he opted to use a blind trust for some of his personal business holdings.

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