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Keep heirs from fighting over your estate

There's not always a way to keep your estate completely out of probate -- in some cases, probate is simply the process by which your estate is executed legally. But there are things you can do to minimize the chance that heirs will end up in long court battles, fighting over who receives what or how you really meant the inheritance to go.

Prince heirs in legal battle with new estate administrators

Since Prince passed away in earlier 2016, his potential heirs have repeatedly been at odds with estate administrators. They claimed that the first organization put in charge of the pop star's estate -- the Bremer Trust -- failed to handle certain matters with due diligence. Earlier in 2017, the courts removed the estate from Bremer and passed control of it to Comerica. The heirs, it seems, are still not happy.

Prince heirs file litigation against estate administrator

Prince's sister and half brother have filed litigation against the temporary administrator for the artist's estate. The company in question is Bremer Trust, and the court appointed it to administer the estate until heirship and other matters were fully adjudicated.

Take care of yourself while you take care of estate business

When you agree to become an administrator for someone's estate, you take on a fairly large responsibility. Regardless of the size of the person's estate, being the administrator means stepping into a role of serious trust and taking action at a time when you might be dealing with grief or support loved ones who are dealing with loss. It's important to remember to take care of yourself while you take care of paperwork and other matters. Here are some self-care tips for handling stress during estate administration.

Naming power of attorney agents may give you peace of mind

Having plans in place for a variety of situations often makes individuals feel more at ease. For this reason, many parties consider having an estate plan as a source of comfort. There are various aspects to such plans, and if you have not created a plan, you may wish to start with one area then progress until you feel comfortable with your plans.

Understanding how to protect retirement assets

While many people aren't saving for retirement today, it's something that financial experts across the board recommend. A healthy savings in IRAs or other accounts can make a huge difference in the quality of life of your final years. If you are saving, then you'll probably want to protect those assets for both your own use and for your heirs.

The basics of probate

Often time's people are hesitant when thinking about estate planning. Some feel scared or unsure of how to go about the whole process. However, it is important to plan and to be prepared so your family is well taken care of after you pass on. There are many documents to think about drafting and many other things like taxes, court and probate to consider as well.

Keep business needs in mind for estate planning

Sometimes, estate planning is about protecting the things you've built in this life so that they can go on to serve others. Often, we think about how our wealth or assets might serve our heirs when we are gone, but if you've built a business or product, then you should make plans for it so it can continue to serve your customers in a way you're comfortable with.

What is probate and how should I approach the process?

Probate is often talked about in scary terms. In reality, probate is simply the process of transferring assets and property from a deceased person to his or her relatives, loved ones, beneficiaries and other interested parties. For the most part, people usually have a will that dictates how many of the issues considered during the probate process are actually handled. But probate is the basic process of transferring these pieces of property and assets.

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