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From guardianship to adoption: Reasons to take the next step

If you are acting as the guardian for a minor child, you might want to consider taking the next step of formal adoption. There are all kinds of situations where guardianship and adoption wouldn't mix, and there are plenty of other situations where adoption could help protect both you and the child you care for. Our firm works with families on a variety of family law and estate planning matters, so we can help you understand all options and make an educated decision about adoption. Here are some reason you might take the next step.

As your family grows, so should your estate planning savvy

We're not saying that you need to become an expert in legal estate planning matters simply because you had children. No one has time to get a self-proclaimed law education, especially someone who is tending to 2 a.m. feedings or chasing preschoolers around the block on a daily basis. That's actually why we're here -- our firm specializes in providing painless estate planning services to all types of families.

What is a guardianship and how does it help?

There will likely come a time in all of our lives where we need someone else to help us with the daily tasks. We will need someone to make decisions on our behalf because of the natural degeneration we experience as get older. And, in general, we will need someone else around to give us a sense of safety and comfort.

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