Our lawyers assist birth mothers and adoptive parents, grandparents, foster parents, and stepparents in Oklahoma in local, interstate, and international settings. We work with agencies, social workers, home study representatives, and doctors to achieve open or closed adoptions.

We often help people with foreign adoption of children from China, Romania, Africa, Brazil, Russia, Korea, Viet-Nam, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Guatemala, and other countries around the world. Parents who adopt children in foreign countries usually have to go through re-adoption process in the United States to become final. We assist with the re-adoption process to get the adoption approved under U.S. law.

Our lawyers also assist people with both agency and private adoptions. Private adoptions are arrangements between a birth mother and the adoptive parents. Our lawyers work with adoption agencies, social workers, home study representatives, physicians, hospital personnel and others to achieve open or closed adoptions. Upon court approval, medical costs and living expenses can be made available to birth mothers.

Our adoption attorneys will make sure that you obtain a full and final termination of the biological parental rights so there is no chance for anyone to come back later and make a claim to your adopted child. I also make sure that you obtain all appropriate Oklahoma approvals.

We often advise stepparents and grandparents who want to adopt the children they are now caring for. Stepparent and grandparent adoptions are sometimes call adoption-terminations because the biological parents' rights must first be terminated for the stepparent or grandparent can adopt the child. These adoptions are appropriate in cases the biological parent is not involved in the child's life and does not want to pay child support.