Protect your assets, provide for your family.

No matter the stage of life, everyone want to know that their assets and loved ones will be taken care of. For over 36 years, the attorneys at Postic & Bates have helped clients protect what matters most—ensuring your family’s financial future and achieving peace of mind.

Although there are many different kinds of estate planning documents, we have outlined some of the most common estate planning documents below. You can learn more about each by clicking on the links below or clicking the menu on the lefthand side of the page.

  • Last Wills and Testaments – Wills are the most common type of estate planning document. They state what happens to your “stuff” after you die. However, wills are still subject to the court process known as probate.

  • Trusts – Like wills, trusts say what happens to your “stuff” after you die. But unlike a will, a trust can avoid the probate process entirely.

  • Durable Powers of Attorney – A power of attorney appoints someone (your “attorney-in-fact”) who can act for you in certain circumstances, e.g., medical and/or financial. A “durable” power of attorney simply means that it does not expire in the event your become incapacitated or incompetent.

What other estate planning options are there?

Estate planning is not always as simple as signing legal documents. That is why our attorneys provide comprehensive estate planning services, assisting clients with matters such as:

  • Asset Protection

  • Estate Tax Planning

  • Medicaid Planning

  • “Special Needs” Planning

  • Charitable Giving

  • Business Formation

Many people have turned to “Do It Yourself” estate planning programs only to later realize that those documents did not actually achieve their goals. Estate planning is not a “one size fits all” proposition. For that reason, we always recommend you consult with an attorney.

Want to know more?

Still have questions about estate planning? Then schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with the experienced Oklahoma City estate planning attorneys at Postic & Bates. You can also download our FREE Estate Planning Guide for more information:

No matter the stage of life, everyone want to know that their assets and loved ones will be taken care of. At Postic & Bates, we help protect what matters most to you, ensuring your family’s future and achieving some much-needed peace of mind.