4 Ways to Challenge an Estate Plan

Estate planning is meant to provide certainty and security to your loved ones. So how would you feel if, after your death, your estate plan were ignored? How would you feel if a probate court tossed it out and decided to do things differently? (Trick question: You're dead, so you can't feel at all.) Unfortunately, these are very real possibilities if your estate plan is successfully contested.

How Can My Estate Plan Be Challenged?

Understanding how your estate plan can be contested is the first step to making sure it won't be contested. That is why we are dedicating our next few blog posts to discussing the different ways an estate plan can be challenged in Oklahoma. Links to each new article in this series will be posted below as they are published:

  1. Part One – The #1 Argument Against DIY Estate Planning (formal requirements)
  2. Part Two – 4 Tips to Identify Undue Influence (undue influence)
  3. Part Three – How to Identify Fraud in Estate Planning (fraud)
  4. Part Four – One Weird Estate Planning Concept You Need to Know (testamentary capacity)

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